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About Bernard

I was owner and operator of the company, Bernard Katz Glass, for over 25 years. Bernard Katz Glass designs and creates high-end hand blown glass sculpture and installations sold worldwide.

After transitioning out of my business, I placed a greater focus towards web design and development, online business marketing, content creation, brand strategies, and customer engagement.

As a long time small business owner, I have been challenged with the ever shifting marketplace and changing technologies. Working through these changes, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and skills needed in creating a strong online presence.

This experience has helped me guide other business owners with approaches to building successful websites, online marketing & sales, and increasing their overall web presence.

Clients with Unique Challenges and Needs

Many of my clients have come from the visual arts field, including fine art painters, sculptors, and crafts people.

These clients often have unique challenges in reaching their audience online. They often have poorly constructed dated websites hosted on platforms such as Wix and Squarespace.

These platforms can be used for making a visually good looking website, but are often limiting, poor for SEO, and audience reach.

My experience in the visual arts gives me unique insight for helping businesses strengthen their overall web presence with modern well performing websites… Websites that become the hub for online marketing and customer engagement.

Solving Client Problems

Virginia Bradley | Contemporary Abstract Painter

Virginia Bradley is a professional abstract painter. She was frustrated with the look and performance of her dated website.

I helped Virginia by designing and building a completely new modern WordPress website. I guided and aided Virginia with written content for better SEO performance in Google organic search results… And helped Virginia take advantage of often overlooked image SEO, by properly optimizing her images to better perform in Google’s image search results.

Virginia’s new fast modern website has greatly helped with her online presence and customer reach, including social media and email campaigns.

Forward Arch | Corrective Foot Orthotics

Forward Arch is a company that sells foot orthotics at trade shows and online. They approached me because their current site was riddled with problems, including lack of a “responsive” design for mobile, poor email contact form integration, and an unreliable ecommerce shopping cart.

I helped Forward Arch by first moving their domain to a better more cost effective domain registrar, and new WordPress managed web hosting with better email integration. I completely redesigned and built a new modern responsive website that looks good on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and phones.

I integrated WooCommerce ecommerce for a more reliable, more secure online website sales.

Solving these issues has allowed Forward Arch to increase online sales, and alleviate the worry from their previous unreliable website.

Website Design and Development

Good website performance involves more than just an eye for design. It involves knowledge of user experience, SEO, customer engagement, targeted audience, and performance to complete the puzzle for a website that becomes the hub for online presence!